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The Real Steel Is The Real Deal

I don’t think I’m a film critic. I’m not that well versed when it comes to judging what makes a film a good one or otherwise. This might be a reflection of my taste when it comes to films but since nobody pays for my cinema tickets but me, forgive me if I this comes too shallow and falls short by film critics’ standards.

My dad died three years ago and I must admit I still have not come into terms with his passing. To say that I miss him is an understatement. So anything that has a “Father and Son” theme pokes my heart. And yes, Finding Nemo still makes me cry.

I never really knew anything about Real Steal other than it’s robots beating each other to the pulp and that it’s a Hugh Jackman starrer. Those two things alone put it in my “must see” list. Beyond the non human violence that got my adrenalin pumping, it has that mushy “Father and Son” theme that I dig so much. How a reluctant absentee father manages to create a strong bond with his wise beyond his years son is not anything new. But it’s a theme so close to my heart and I fell in love with this movie in a heartbeat.

Hugh never fails to disappoint as he gave a stellar portrayal of a former boxer who hit rock bottom as human fighters were replaced by real no holds barred fighters made of 2000 pound steel. Dakota is so adorable. He reminds of the kid from Race to Witch Mountain Alexander Ludwig who is now all grown up and too hot to handle. And who did not fall in love with Atom, the “obsolete” sparring bot who developed a special bond with his master. I wish how the movie further developed the premise of a robot having genuine feelings with humans. But I guess two hours is already more than a stretch. I’m also a sucker for intense action scenes and this movie had lots of it.

The fantastic tandem of Charlie (Hugh) and Max (Dakota), the adorable Atom and all the metal clanging made the film a good one. I went out of the cinema teary eyed and but with a very big smile. And for me that really is what makes a good movie. If it entertains me, if it made me happy, I get my money’s worth.



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20 Years of MMK

This is one show I grew up with.  And I’m happy that it continues to give us quality, heart warming and memorable stories of Pinoys in and out of the Philippines.  Ever since it started in 1991, it has become a Thursday habit for my parents and I.  I remember my how my dad used to tease my mom whenever he catches her crying.  I don’t blame my mom.  MMK is really a tearjerker.  Up until now, in its Saturday time slot.  It never fails to get my mom.  This time, I’m the one who teases her.  And occasionally, I also find myself with dripping nose and wet tissue.

One of my favorite episodes would be “Cap” with Noel Trinidad.  It is about the plight of Pinoy war veterans living in the states.  This one is really heart breaking.  It also close to my heart because my grandfather was also a war veteran.


Another favorite which brought me and my mom to tears, was the Ramon Zamora starer “Shades.”  It is a story of a little girl who ran away and met a blind musician who took care of her.  This episode reminded me of my dad who have gone blind because of sickness.  I just couldn’t stop crying while watching this.

MMK is truly a gem with its beautiful stories, delicate directing and superb acting no wonder it remains to be one of the longest running shows on Pinoy TV.  And as its host shares, as long as there are Pinoys willing to share their stories, MMK will always be there.

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I have been in one of the most dysfunctional relationships one can ever think of.  For almost three years it had its highs and lows.  Three years that taught me resilience, strength and later on conviction.  It taught me that I can be both selfless and self-centered.  I can be complacent and always on the prowl.  But most of all, it taught me that relationships are not walks in the park.  It may be bitter sweet.  Its a battlefield.

So please, take off your drama-queen attitude because I don’t appreciate being told something that I know by heart.  If you don’t like it that I’m showing my concern, just let me know.  I have no use for your condescending sarcasm.

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The Blonde Ambition

It’s been a week, and I can’t seem to get over this.  This makes me proud to be an “Isko!”


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When I first heard about the Anti-Planking Act of 2011, I really thought it is just one of those Professional Heckler post that brightens up day.  My oh my!  There is actually a Quezon City Congressman who authored the said bill.

I really don’t know what’s going on in Rep Winnie Castelo’s head (aside from what’s in the actual bill) but really? Is this the best that you can do?  Being a representative of one of the country’s biggest cities and all you can think of that is socially relevant and worthwhile to spend tax payers’ money on is planking?  Well while you’re at it, why not draft the Anti-Jejemon Act of 2012.  Those Jejemons are really a pain in the a!

This is clearly the price of our democracy.  We voted for this scum and we just have to pay for our decisions.

Let’s see what the church has to say about this…

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We’ll Weather The Storm Together


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The Prince on a Black Stallion

Last night, I had a dream. I was with my charming prince. We were riding our horses across the yellow green plane racing towards the foot of the hill. His was shinny black; mine was spotty white.

I was going a little bit slower. He’s asking if I’m okay, worried that I may not catch up. I told him I was and refused to let him slow down. As time goes by, the gap between us grew wider. It is apparent that my pace will not let me catch up. He kept on looking back and noticed my loss of vigor and stamina. His eyes are not fooling him. I was all bushed up. My usual stubborn and competitive self gave him a look of assurance that I was ok. I told him, “Go on…I will catch up!” The gap was so wide so I have to shout.

He looked away so I thought he’d move on. To my surprise, the black stallion turned and galloped towards me. I was in awe. He tied a knot on my horse, held my hand, and galloped at my pace. We ran towards the hill starring at each other.

Finally, we reached our destination. His eyes were still on me. I tried to look away to hide my blushing cheeks but to no avail a gentle hand held my chin and turned it to the opposite direction. I could still see his eyes starring at me. A handsome young prince on a black stallion is standing in front of me. Caught in a daze, I submissively tilted my face to get ready for his kiss. I could feel his lips getting closer and closer.

Suddenly, I heard the 007 theme from my phone and I’m back to reality.

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The Perfect Combination of Sexy and Cute

Braved the bipolar weather and went to Trinoma to watch a movie.  I’ve been hearing nice comments on Final Destination 5 and Crazy, Stupid Love so I decided to do a back to back.  I’ve never done one in a very long time and I’m really looking forward to this.

The fifth offering of Final Destination was ok.  I felt they tried to tie some loose ends in the earlier sequels.  And it was also interesting how they connected this to the first film.  Other than those elements, it was the same gory and freaky “don’t cheat Death” formula.  It was a roller coaster ride.  Fun but stressful.

After this tiring movie, I felt I should call it a day and I just go home.  But I realized it was too early and besides, I’m not sure if I’d still be able to catch Crazy, Stupid Love in the cinema.  So I bought my second ticket for the day, got a tumbler of Coke and headed to Cinema 2.

I’m happy I made the right choice.  The movie did not disappoint.  It was not your typical romantic comedy.  No mushiness.  It shows how love can be brutally painful and yes, crazy.  It also talks about how stupid love can be and how we do stupid things just to find our soulmates.  And more stupidity when we lose them.

It also touches the heart and lets you realize that love is… Love.  There is no guarantee that it will have a happy ending.  If you have lost your soulmate, you don’t just pity yourself, be mad and totally shutdown.  You don’t show your ex that leaving you is the worst decision one could ever make.  You fight!  You fight for your love.

After leaving the cinema, I felt good.  I’m not in love right now.  Nor am I actively looking to be in love.  But deep inside I’m really excited to find someone who I can call, “The perfect combination of sexy and cute!”

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When Old Blogger Loses The Angst

I’d like to believe, that there was a time in my life where I was a prolific writer.  When I was younger, idealistic and emotional, I would write my daily dose of heartfelt musings.  Now I’m starting to believe that as you age, mature, and arguably knew better, you have less things to write about.

Heartbreak doesn’t hurt as bad as it did.  Flirting doesn’t send the same shivers down your spine.  Love just seems to be an overrated concept.  All of a sudden, you forget about your angst and remember that you’re not the center of the universe.

But now that I’m finding the appetite to write again, I get to miss the old me.  So as a tribute to the old me, the good ole’ Si|vErGiNn, here are some of my favorite posts from All Under Heaven.


I met a guy who totally turned my world up side down. I’ll name him Braces. Braces is a cute, care free and playful lad. He’s the type of guy who knows that he’s cute and he really works hard to flaunt it. This makes him so irresistible. Braces is also witty. His clever remarks never fail to endear me. Surprisingly, Braces also has this profound spot and I think this is the most exciting aspect of his personality. He is so focused with what he wants in life. He works hard and studies hard just to achieve his goals.

I really don’t know why but our chemistry is almost instant. We never had a hard time loosening up with each other. What’s more interesting is that we found ourselves laughing at the same jokes, doing the same antics, and singing the same songs. I felt I found my soul mate.

We went out a few times and found out more about each other. Making out was inevitable. It would be a lie if I’ll say that I never enjoyed his lips. I did.

During the past days that we were seeing each other, I started to feel different. I’m always flashing my megawatt smile. Often times, people will see me daydreaming. Moreover, people have commented that I’m more mushy and cheesy than usual.

I know the reason why I’m acting like this is because of Braces. Every moment spent with him is magical. It seems like time has suddenly stopped and we’re the only two people in the world.

Unfortunately, Braces is already in a relationship. He’s supposed to be off limits.

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Scott’s Gone To Hell

I’m so loving Season 7 of Hell’s Kitchen.  I’ve always loved this show but for this particular season, I managed not to look it up in the net to find out how it ends.

This season has its usual name came calling by Chef Ramsay, his shrieks and screams and his kicking and slamming.  There are still contestants who are all ego but no skill.  But out of all the seasons that I watched this particular person stood out.  I’m so happy this “donkey” finally got booted out.

Scott is manipulative, egotistic, blabber-mouthed and a phony!  I can’t believe he is an executive chef with fine dining experience.  He kept on saying that he’s the only one who has fine dining techniques and that he’s the best cook out of all the contestants.  But something smells fishy, he can’t cook decent steak, beef, chicken and fish.  And yet, all he kept saying is that “I’m the best cook here, I’m the only one who has fine dining experience…” and all those rubbish.

I just hate him.  I hated Jillian of Season 8 but she can cook.  I hated Suzanne of Season 6 but she can cook.  But Scott, I hate him and he can’t cook.

My favorite is Holli.  So far she has not screwed up a service.  She gets along with everyone.  And she is damn gorgeous!  I also like Salvatore but I think his time is almost up.

I wish cable will catch up and show Season 9 already.

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